Monday, April 18, 2011

Top three flowering plants for your southern garden

The Knockout rose, a great choice for disease resistance

South Carolina has a long growing season, and Spring starts off with a burst of color in most landscapes. Cherry trees, Bradford Pears, Dogwoods, and Azaleas dominate most gardens in the south in  early Spring. There is one flower that is quite a challenge in most gardens, even in the south, and  that is roses. High temperatures, drought, and  humid nights, often prove to be the enemy when growing roses. Finding one that is a good fit for your yard is important. The Knockout rose may the one of the best to meet this challenge.

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Encore Azaleas, a bloom for all seasons

Gorgeous pink AzaleasGorgeous pink Azaleas (Photo credit: dawnella66)

 Encore Azaleas are the perfect new solution for more blooms throughout the season. Sold in most gardening centers, it is more cold tolerant, adaptable to its environment and blooms up to nine months a year. This is a great improvement over the regular Azalea which only blooms three weeks out of the entire year.

Flowers and leaves of Lantana camaraImage via Wikipedia

 Lantana are beautiful and great for covering bare spots in any garden setting. They have vivid colors and can tolerate harsh growing conditions often seen in the south. Heat, and drought do not seem to affect this plant and they have a pungent aroma to boot. Bright colors of yellow, orange and red, among others will set your garden off and once they are planted, very little worry is in order. They will come back year after year and do their part in your garden to make it lovely. Butterflies will love this addition to your yard as well.
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