Monday, October 24, 2011

Zone 8 gardening tips for Autumn

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If you live in South Carolina you know that the cooler weather is all but here. Many of us
spend a good deal of time and money winterizing our homes, however, our gardens, even in zone
8 need some winterizing and planning ahead too. Here's a few tips for tending to your zone 8 garden and lawn right now before winter sets in.

Start covering your perennial varieties of bulbs and also strawberries now in their beds for the winter.
Plant winter- and spring-flowering bulbs
During the cooler months, it is an ideal time to go ahead and either plant
grass or make improvements to lawns.
If you enjoy ornamental grasses like Pampas or other varieties, now in zone 8 is the time to
get it in the ground.Grass Garden at Kew. Kew Gardens are mainly la...Image via Wikipedia
Winter perennials that bloom should be planted now.
Plant bare root roses, trees and shrubs right now to ensure they winter over in your yard.
If you have a vegetable garden going and are interested in planting a winter veggie crop now is the time to put those seedlings in the ground.
For a list of some interesting plants for zone 8, check out HGTV's link.

For more on Southern gardening, see: The Southern Garden
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