Friday, January 27, 2012

Spring Hill Roses Grand Opening

St. Josephs Coat rose
Joseph's Coat Rose

If you love the convenience of ordering plants online then you may want to consider adding Spring Hill Nursery to you list of possible gardening resources. *Spring Hill Nursery has a long history beginning in 1849 in North Dayton, Ohio by its founder Peter Bohlender. Spring Hill Nursery was originally a wholesale operation, but as the years advanced became a mail order nursery.

If you live in South Carolina and enjoy the beauty of roses, consider a trip this May to Orangeburg, SC and enjoy the *Edisto Memorial Gardens Rose Festival. It will inspire you to try a few roses in your garden. If you are chomping at the bit to get into your garden and plant some beautiful roses, you're in luck.

The grand opening of **Spring Hill Roses online website is currently running a sale on some of the most popular and beautiful roses seen anywhere. Spring Hill roses are shipped bareroot and ready to be planted with simple instructions to insure that your rose performs to your expectations. One rose in particular to take note of is the ***Twilight Zone rose with is stunning showcasing a deep purple blossom with a lemon and clove scent.

In addition to offering competitive prices and a wide selection of some of the most exotic and beautiful roses in the world, the ****Spring Hill Nursery site also can supply you with gardening needs like fertilizers, and gardening gadgets galore. Spring Hill offers a free catalog so you can peruse at your leisure and a newsletter for those who like to receive exclusive deals and offers.

*Edisto Memorial Gardens Rose Festival
**Spring Hill Roses
***Twilight Zone Rose
****Spring Hill Nursery
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Friday, January 20, 2012

The Confederate Rose

Confederate rose (Hibiscus mutabilis 'Versicolor')Image via Wikipedia

Many may be under the impression that the Confederate Rose is a member of the rose family. However, one look at this magnificent plant in person and you will soon discover it has very little to do with any actual rose as we know it. The Confederate Rose is actually a member of the Hibiscus family. Other names for this flowering plant are: cotton rosemallow.

English: Hibiscus splendens - flower, a rainfo...Image via Wikipedia
Some interesting characteristics of this plant have to do with the blossoms, in early morning they are white, and by mid day the blossoms turn soft pink and in the evening, the flower turns deep pink. There is a variety of this plant that have blossoms that turn red in the evening. This variety is called, “Rubra” and is stunning. The plant grows fast and needs a place in the garden that will allow it to grow properly.

Confederate rose (Hibiscus mutabilis ' Vericolor')Image via Wikipedia

The blooming season of the Confederate rose is usually from summer through fall. Propagation by cuttings will take root ideally in the Spring time however, the Confederate rose can be propagated almost any time of the year, making it a favorite among gardeners.

Confederate rose (‘’Hibiscus mutabilis’’)Image via Wikipedia

In areas that experience a frost, the Confederate rose will not reach it's full potential in height, which can be almost twenty feet tall. However, keeping the plant to a 5-8 foot height will yield more flowers typically. The flowers themselves are massive measuring any where from 5 inches in diameter to larger and real show stoppers when the plant is in good health. The plant is flexible can handle partial shade or full sun and likes a rich soil, but has been known to thrive under less than ideal conditions.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Ornamental grasses

Pampas grass
Ornamental grass like this Pampas grass are popular landscape features

Ornamental grasses add interest, texture, color and versatility to any garden landscape. Ornamental grasses are particularly great for growing in poor soil, drought conditions and in full sun. Some of the most beautiful varieties can fill in bare spots in a landscape where little else will grow. Try these varieties.

Pink Muhly Grass

This is a beautiful example and grows in clumps of narrow foliage in Spring and Summer, then in late Summer it becomes a real show stopper in the landscape. Plumes of pink grow and flourish above the foliage, maintaining their vibrant color until the end of Fall. Extremely easy, thriving despite heat, humidity, drought, even poor soil! Birds will enjoy these plants as well and will enjoy the seeds. Grows 3' tall and 2 1/2' wide.

This plant is particularly ideal for the southern garden:

Light:Full Sun
Bloom Time: Late Summer to Frost

Select Blue Festuca

Blue Fescue

You will no doubt notice this plant in the garden, stunning blue and silver foliage will definitely rival less impressive plants but will highlight and add beauty to other flowers in the garden. Growing 8-10" tall, this grass is ideal in rock gardens and also will grow well in containers. It grows with lovely and numerous flower spikes from early to midsummer. Drought-resistant.

Zones 4-9

Light: Full Sun

Diamond Grass

This plant's name comes from the way the morning light  sparkles as it catches the dew. Feathery grass is a lovely backdrop for any landscape. This stately grass has a graceful upright habit. It even performs well in shade, which is a rare find for ornamental grasses. A wonderful focal point for beds, borders or even pots! Grows up to 4' tall.

Zones : 4-10

Light: Full sun to full shade

Height: 4'

blooms: Late Summer to Fall

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