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Ornamental grasses

Pampas grass
Ornamental grass like this Pampas grass are popular landscape features

Ornamental grasses add interest, texture, color and versatility to any garden landscape. Ornamental grasses are particularly great for growing in poor soil, drought conditions and in full sun. Some of the most beautiful varieties can fill in bare spots in a landscape where little else will grow. Try these varieties.

Pink Muhly Grass

This is a beautiful example and grows in clumps of narrow foliage in Spring and Summer, then in late Summer it becomes a real show stopper in the landscape. Plumes of pink grow and flourish above the foliage, maintaining their vibrant color until the end of Fall. Extremely easy, thriving despite heat, humidity, drought, even poor soil! Birds will enjoy these plants as well and will enjoy the seeds. Grows 3' tall and 2 1/2' wide.

This plant is particularly ideal for the southern garden:

Light:Full Sun
Bloom Time: Late Summer to Frost

Select Blue Festuca

Blue Fescue

You will no doubt notice this plant in the garden, stunning blue and silver foliage will definitely rival less impressive plants but will highlight and add beauty to other flowers in the garden. Growing 8-10" tall, this grass is ideal in rock gardens and also will grow well in containers. It grows with lovely and numerous flower spikes from early to midsummer. Drought-resistant.

Zones 4-9

Light: Full Sun

Diamond Grass

This plant's name comes from the way the morning light  sparkles as it catches the dew. Feathery grass is a lovely backdrop for any landscape. This stately grass has a graceful upright habit. It even performs well in shade, which is a rare find for ornamental grasses. A wonderful focal point for beds, borders or even pots! Grows up to 4' tall.

Zones : 4-10

Light: Full sun to full shade

Height: 4'

blooms: Late Summer to Fall

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