Monday, March 19, 2012

How to keep Boston Ferns alive all summer

Boston FernsBoston Ferns (Photo credit: Dawn Gagnon)

Boston Ferns are some of the most beautiful easy to grow hanging plants around. During the hottest months, they can dry out and die without proper care. The most important thing they need is in the form of lighting and watering. Once you figure out what they need they are a welcome addition to any yard, porch or landscape.
Step 1
First things first, once you get your fern home from the store you want to stick your finger in the soil and go around the perimeter of the pot. If you feel a lot of roots, and very little soil your plant is probably root bound and needs a larger pot. Go atleast two sizes up, and use a good potting soil mix with a slow release feed.
Step 2
After repotting your fern, hang it in a an area out of direct sunlight. It thrives on a area that has some shade and good circulation. Keep your Boston ferns looking their best with a trim and keep them free of debris and dead fronds.
Step 3
Give your fern a good drink of water after re-potting. Boston ferns need really good drainage, and at the same time are thirsty plants. To keep them beautiful big and lush all through the hot months is to water every two days. Drenching them with a sprayer is the best way to ensure they have gotten a good dose of water. An occasional shot of liquid fertilizer or feeding will keep them going too.

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