Thursday, May 10, 2012

Weed remedies that use no poison

DandelionDandelion (Photo credit: Dawn Gagnon)

If you're like me, you really hate to use any chemical in your yard. You never know what kind of an impact it can have on your lawn, other plants, pets or even ground water. If there are gentler ways to rid ourselves of weeds, I am all for it. Here's a few suggestions:

1. Pour hot - near boiling water on the weed- This is an effective way to kill single isolated instances of weeds in your yard.

2. Pour a mixture of 1 part lemon juice to one part hot water on the weed.

3. Use salt mixed with hot water. Once cooled and salt has become diluted add to a spray bottle and spray entire weed with the solution. The ratio is 1/2 cup salt to 3 cups water.

4. Fill spray bottle with ordinary white household vinegar and spray weeds thoroughly.

5. As a weed preventative, some have had success using corn gluten meal. It is supposed to stop the weed seeds from germinating.

6. For really difficult weeds try a stronger vinegar solution currently called Weed Pharm. See Amazon link below. It actually has 20% more acetic acid than your regular household vinegar and is still safe for use.

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