Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Carolina Bird Watch: The Carolina Wren

© Dawn Gagnon Photography 2017

If you love to garden, chances are you love nature in general and that includes our lovely winged friends that visit our gardens, always adding lovely tunes and keeping insects in check. Since this blog is about the southern garden I decided it was high time to start sharing with my readers the lovely bird photographs I have taken through the years and also a little information on them as well. Today we will be highlighting quite appropriately, the Carolina Wren.

©Dawn Gagnon Photography 2017
Carolina Wrens can be best identified by their white brow strip located just above their eyes, their long pointed beak and up turned tail. They are typically a warm brown color and quite small. They eat a wide variety of insects and are not particularly skiddish of human beings as I have had them land on my front porch just within several feet of where I am sitting. They tend to fuss a little  but that no doubt is due to the fact they were nesting which they do all summer.
Males and females tend to mate for life and nest in many odd places. Their nests are shaped differently than other birds often having an enclosed structure with a side entrance.
Baby Birds
©Dawn Gagnon Photography 2017
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