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Top Articles on your southern garden

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It is no secret South Carolina has a long growing season as does most of the southern states. However, even with this one advantage there are many challenges to overcome in the gardens in the south. There are drought issues, high humidity levels, and a large variety of pests that must be dealt with  on a regular basis to have any luck. Here are a few articles that focus on great plants and shrubs that are particularly well suited to the specific challenges our southern climate offers as well as a few must haves that are just worth the trouble.

Great plants for the novice southern gardener
When we buy our first home, there is usually an urge to put our own touches on it to make it truly our own. Either we start painting, or we add some special touches to the yard to improve it. Luckily there are some plants that a novice gardener can feel pretty confident about having success with. In Southern states like South Carolina, finding plants that can stand up to our somewhat harsh zone 8 conditions can be a real challenge.  This list will give you a few to try that should be able to fill the bill. For the complete list, see: Great plants for the novice southern gardener

Blooming shrubs and trees for your southern garden
In South Carolina, as well as other parts of the southeast, Springtime cues the shrubs and trees to produce magnificent blooms and blossoms galore. Here are a few that are well worth the money to have in your yard, especially for zone 8 areas and warmer. For the complete list see: Blooming shrubs and trees for your southern garden

Taking a look at beautiful Gardenias
If you are looking for a beautiful shrub for your South Carolina yard, you can't go wrong with the lovely Gardenia. Gardenias are a flowering shrub that belongs to the coffee family. There are at least 142 species and the blossoms, growth habits and sizes vary. Beautiful to look at, and with a heavy floral scent that is to die for. This shrub is an evergreen and adapts well to the South Carolinian soils and environment. Zones 8-10 are ideal locations for a gardenia to flourish.
Find out more about this charming floral wonder here:
Taking a look at beautiful Gardenias

Encore Azaleas, a bloom for all seasons
One of the most exciting parts of the onset of Spring in the south is the burst of brilliant colors delivered by gorgeous Azaleas. Ranging in colors like white, pink, red, purple etc. they are a true standout in many landscapes in South Carolina. Read more here: Encore Azaleas, a bloom for all seasons
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